sovanta® Sales Companion

More sales success through the optimal support of your sales representatives with mobile business applications.

sovanta® Sales Companion

More sales success through the optimal support of your sales representatives with mobile business applications.

The central task of sales representatives in the field is to convince customers and prospects of the product and services of their company. In order to develop a customized sales approach, sales staff needs a simple but comprehensive and up-to-date 360° view of the respective companies. Therefore information from the internal CRM system is important, but often not enough.
With the mobile tablet application sales representatives get all the information they need. This includes the latest news from the online media about your customers, the latest updates of your contacts from Social Media like Twitter, LinkedIn and XING, as well as important operational data from SAP CRM system.

The innovative analytical applications of SAP HANA submit supplementary proposals for example for the positioning of additional products and services based on customer profile data.
This is supplemented by a complete integration of the calendar with Microsoft Outlook and access to sales and marketing documents. sovanta® Sales Companion is an application, built natively for Apple iOS and Windows 8.


sovanta® Sales Companion is a tablet app, natively built for Apple iOS and Windows 8 and provides the right information and functionality, always in the context of the respective customer, lead, opportunity and step in the sales process.

News Feeds - e.g. Google, Bing

Social media - e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter


Office documents

Groupware - e.g. Microsoft Exchange


Further possibilities

Adaptable and expandable

Adaptable and expandable: So that the Sales Companion becomes your Sales Companion.

Components, views and widgets – with this software frameworks we are able to adapt our solution completely to your requirements. Additionally, new contents can be integrated easily and modular. And all this without new programming.

Customer meeting in 3 simple steps

    Preparing a customer meeting

    When preparing a meeting with a customer or prospect, Sales Companion provides you with a 360° view of the latest situation:

  • Latest news about company visited
  • Latest updates of meeting participants in social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Calendar Information for the meeting (Exchange Calendar)
  • Up-to-date information from CRM about the customer
  • KPIs based on customer profile and analytics provided by SAP HANA
  • Presentations, product brochures, whitepapers, contract templates and other documents

    Conduct a customer meeting

    During the meeting, Sales Companion supports with:

  • Customer presentation right from the tablet computer
  • Look-up of required documents
  • Capturing notes and action items
  • Annotate documents and collaborate with your sales back office

    Follow-Up a customer meeting

    After the meeting, Sales Companion supports the sales representatives with:

  • Creating a meeting report, incl. using speech to text
  • You can maintain the CRM system by doing only a few taps, due to the fact that most part of maintenance is automatically done by preparing the customer meeting
  • Leveraging all information presented
    • Send documents, e.g. presentations, directly to customer by e-mail
    • Save presented documents in CRM system to ensure good data quality



  • Improved productivity of field sales representative during their most critical tasks. Whenever data retrieval can be automated, Sales Companion does it
  • Increasing sales though improved information access and proactive cross-selling proposals based on customer preferences.
  • Leading to improved CRM data quality through higher engagement of sales representatives and the tight integration with social media. It is e.g. possible to update CRM leveraging information from LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Proactive decision support and detailed insights through the combination of mobile technology, SAP HANA and social networks


sovanta® Sales Companion

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